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Book a Conference

By Telephone:  Text a conference request to me on 0416 088 661 and I will usually reply to you same day. This number is for making conference appointments only.

By Email We will call you during business hours or email you to arrange a suitable date and time.


When should you book a conference?

You need to book a conference immediately if:

you have a court date pending, or
your license has been suspended under s.51 Road Safety Act for drink driving, or
you have a problem with demerit points, or
you have a large debt from outstanding fines.

At a conference your case can be examined and expert legal advice will be provided. You will find out how it is possible to win your case, what the costs are likely to be, and what sort of time frame you should expect. If the case is not likely to win, you will be advised of that at the conference or once your case has been fully investigated.  

A one hour conference costs $400, or $450 after-hours and on weekends. Your case will  be investigated to find out if it is worthwhile defending your case or adopting some other strategy. If your case has merit, you can then decide whether it is worth taking the matter further. You will need to bring to the conference all paperwork you have that is relevant to your problem. If you have a demerit point problem you need to bring a print-out of your recent demerit point history that is obtainable from VicRoads.

If you have received an infringement notice and you are seeking advice prior to lodging the election to go to court please be aware that you will need to have a second conference after you receive the charge and summons.  Often people lodge an election to go to court and then have their first conference after they have a charge and summons.


If you can not get to Melbourne.

I can do a telephone conference if you are unable to attend my offices in Melbourne. Contact me to arrange a time and to receive directions on the best way to send paperwork to me. Telephone conferences are the same price as face-to-face conferences.

What to bring.

Bring all the paperwork you have that is relevant to your problem especially the charge and summons or any other papers that the police have given you. Please do not request any papers from the police. Just bring what they have given you.

For demerit point problems - bring a copy of you full demerit point history (which you can get from VicRoads) as well as copies of all old infringement notices that you still have and any correspondence from VicRoads.

For conferences about outstanding fines or warrants - you should obtain a list of "Outstanding Final Demands and Warrants" from Fines Victoria - you can print them from the Internet at http://fines.vic.gov.au

Where are you located?

88 Dudley Street, West Melbourne, 3003.

Parking: There is free parking on King Street, or metered parking on Dudley Street.
Train: Use Flagstaff Station
Tram: Closest stop is Tram 58 on Peel Street, Queen Victoria Market.
Bus: Route 220 from Sunshine stops just outside.


Conference hours and cost:

Conferences take one hour and cost $400.00, 9AM to 5PM on weekdays.
Else $450.00 outside normal business hours.   


What sort of payment is acceptable?


Booking a conference:

Call or text to: 0416 088 661. I do not give free legal advice by phone.

You can also request a conference by email. We will soon contact you to arrange a suitable time and date.


Frequently Asked questions about conferences.

Can you give me some free advice?

Yes I can. I provide free advice by email. Most generic questions are already answered on my website. The rest of my free time is spent answering your questions for free on the TrafficLaw forum.   I never provide free telephone advice so please don't waste your time phoning me "to ask a simple question". If it is such a simple question it is probably already answered on my website, or you can use the free and simple email service I provide, or telephone any of the other lawyers who claim to be traffic law experts. Complicated issues will require a conference.  


How can I email documents to you?

If you can not attend a conference in person you can fax or email your paperwork to me. Please call me on 0416 088 661 to make those arrangements.  If you are coming to see me in person please bring the documents with you instead of emailing them to me. Unfortunately I do not have time to read unsolicited documents, so I will not download, open or read any attachments emailed or faxed to me by people who have not paid the relevant fee for that work. My public email addresses do not accept attachments.

I have received a traffic infringement notice. Should I come and see you?

You can come and see me at any stage of your case. I can check the validity of the infringement notice and give you advice if the notice is invalid. If you have a demerit points problem you should come and see me as soon as possible. For license loss infringements it is usually inevitable that you will need to lodge an objection and take the case to court if you want to save your license.  After you get your court papers you will then need to book a  further conference so I can open a file to investigate the court case. Many people lodge an objection to the infringement notice and then make their first appointment to see me after they receive the court papers. The process for objecting to an infringement notice is explained here. If you have already objected to a fine and are waiting to receive the charge and summons there is usually no point in seeing a lawyer until you have the charges.


I had an incident last night and I am freaking out about it. Should I come and see you?

You can come and see me at any stage of your case, but there is not much a lawyer can do if you have not yet been charged with anything. One option is to wait for the police to serve you with a charge and summons and then make an appointment to see me when you have your court papers. If you have been given any paperwork that affects your right to drive (such as a Notice of Immediate Suspension under s.85, or a VicRoads notice of suspension) then you should book a conference immediately. 


My first court date is in 4 weeks time so I need to see you urgently.

You need to see me anytime prior to the court date stated in your summons - even one day before is fine. You usually will not need to attend court on the date stated in the summons unless you are on bail. Your case can not be heard on the first mention date unless you wish to plead guilty. Most court cases are heard many months after the first mention date. This is all explained in the court papers and also on my website.

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