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 Drink Driving law & legal information - all breath test, blood test and criminal defence representation & advice.

Sean Hardy is a Melbourne Barrister who has been defending road traffic offences in all Australian courts for 30 years.

Since 1991 I have been defending and winning all types of motor traffic offences including:
  • drink driving and drug driving
  • driving whilst suspended or disqualified
  • speeding
  • road safety camera offences
  • dangerous driving and careless driving
  • conduct endangering life or serious injury
  • "hoon offences" and vehicle impoundment
  • heavy vehicle offences
  • demerit points offences and VicRoads suspensions
  • sheriff car clamps and unpaid fines
  • taxi, hire-car and tow truck offences

Most of my clients want to win their cases. If your current lawyer doesn't know how to win your traffic case, it is time to get a new lawyer!

As a general rule, pleading guilty to a license loss offence like drink driving, drug driving, dangerous driving or speeding will not help you avoid license loss.

Please contact us if you need a conference with a barrister.

Conveniently located at:
88 Dudley Street, West Melbourne.

Achieving Your Goals

I help you to achieve your goals, including:

  • an acquittal - all charges dismissed
  • saving your license
  • avoiding jail
  • avoiding community work orders
  • avoiding demerit points
  • avoiding a conviction or criminal record
  • avoiding Interlocks and other relicensing hassles
  • reducing or eliminating fines
  • reducing and managing any license loss periods
  • recovering your legal expenses from the prosecution

After investigating your case I will advise you whether defending the charges successfully is a realistic option - often it is! After discussing the cost-benefits you then decide whether or not you wish to go to a defended hearing to try to get acquitted, or enter into negotiations with the police, or seek the lowest possible penalty by pleading guilty.

Often it is not possible to save your drivers licence unless you defend the charges and win your case. You will not find many lawyers who can offer that service. Many "traffic lawyers" are "experts" in the simple task of pleading guilty. Their websites and advice focus solely on the consequences of pleading guilty and being convicted -  they seem to assume losing is inevitable. Either they don't know how to win a traffic case - or they don't care.  If you want to win your case you'll need a lawyer who is accustomed to saying the words: "The accused pleads not guilty". 

Why use a barrister?

I am a barrister, not a solicitor. Barristers typically spend most of their time in court fighting cases. Traditionally, barristers are engaged by solicitors to appear in court on behalf of clients. But in prosecutions heard in the Magistrates Court, barristers are now permitted to appear for defendants without a referral from a solicitor. Sometimes it is easier and more economical to engage an experienced barrister directly, without having to engage a solicitor as well. Many solicitors rely on my expertise to help them provide their clients with accurate, up-to-date and strategic advice.   

Before you decide whether to handle your court case yourself, understand that about 90% of the cases I win are successful due to deficiencies in the police case and legal technicalities. Less than 10% of the cases I win depend on the accused person giving evidence. If you don't have a skilled lawyer who knows how to audit the police case and find errors or deficiencies then you may be throwing away 90% of your chance of being acquitted.

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