Conflicting statement/audio

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Conflicting statement/audio

Postby Renzz » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:03 pm

Hi, just wondering what is used as evidence in court?
I’d get the book thrown at me if the magi were to go by statement on charge sheet, however, on audio I agreed twice to go back to station as I knew PTB would have registered a whole lot of residual.
There are so many descrepancies in the statement, and without going on and on, what is written paints me so very badly, including smelling very strongly of intoxicating liquor and having red, bloodshot eyes. I have witnesses to what I drank (couple of beers) and my eyes literally never get bloodshot. I probably should have stated that I’d finished the last of my beer not 5 minutes prior, but I turn into a mess of bluthering nerves.
I’m also accused of attempting to drive off!
I found someone to forensically analyse the audio as there are things I distinctly remember saying that aren’t on it.
My court date is tomorrow, however, I’m adjourning as I’ve not found representation due to short time span from receiving order.
I’m just beside myself as I’m also carer for my mother and have no licence, just stupidly finished off a beer!
Will hopefully have a conference with you soon.

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Re: Conflicting statement/audio

Postby Hardy » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:02 pm

Hand written contemporaneous police statements can be read out in the witness box. Audio can be played in court. Other statements are just there to give you a hint of what might be said in evidence.

Generally, the chance of winning does not depend on what is in the witness statements. What matters is what's missing from the statements. That is why you need to see someone who knows how to spot an incomplete police case.

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